If Your New Years Resolution Is To Run...


If your New Years Resolution is to run more, or further, or faster, one week into the New Year we'd imagine you might be feeling frustrated, out of your league or just... cold.  However, it doesn't have to be this way!  Running, however far, fast or slow, should make you feel amazing, excited and energised. So let us guide you through it.

Here are some of our top tips to help you start and keep running through 2018.

1) Start Small. Think Big.

Rome wasn't built a day.  And Pheidippides's  first run was probably not 26.2 miles.  Don't push yourself too hard in the first few weeks.  Start out running as far as you feel comfortable and then slowly increase from there.  So what if you run ten 10 minute runs in a now?  Or maybe you need to slow down and walk for a while?  Maybe you stop completely and escape to the nearest coffee shop to warm up? If that is what you are comfortable with then that is the right run for you.  The most important thing is that you feel good enough afterwards to want to do it again.

2) Train Your Brain

Going for your first few runs, pushing your pace or doubling your distance is never going to be easy.  Good news is that it is definitely possible.  It just takes some planning.

It is important that you set targets so that you have something to work towards.  Write out a plan and stick it where you can see it (maybe your mirror or the door of the fridge), create a playlist of your favourite tunes, pick the best time in the day for you to go for a run and pick some rewards that will motivate you to get going.  Once you get into these good habits, you'll no longer dread your run.  We bet you'll be watching the clock until you can get back out there. 

3) Rest. Relax. Reward.

Working towards any fitness goal will inevitably put a strain on your body so make sure you are kind to it. Once you're up and running and feeling great it can be easy to skip breaks that you should be taking.  It's important to remember that breaks during and after runs are important to help fend off fatigue. 

Equally important is saying thank you to your body once you've been for a run or achieved a certain goal.  If your muscles and joints are sore, take that bubble bath.  If you want to celebrate, drink the champagne (but only after at least one pint of water).  And most importantly EAT!  Your muscles need fuel to regenerate and to support you through your next run.

4) Enjoy Exploring

Our number one tip is to find the right route and enjoy exploring your surroundings.  Running lets you see twice as much as you would walking so get out there and see some new stuff.  See all the sites in your local area.  Or book a train or a plane to a new city to see what they have to offer.  Finding new routes and seeing new things will keep you motivated to continue running until you've seen it all.

While scouting out routes for RTW this past year, we've been lucky enough to see the most incredible sites.  From turquoise beaches and tropical jungles, to glaciers and frozen lakes we want to help you make the most of the places that you visit and run safely and confidently wherever you are.

We can't wait to Run The World with you in 2018.  Keep an eye on our website to sign up for our city runs.  And in the meantime, let us know your top tips for running and routes.  Where should we go next?