Running Recos: How To Survive The Terrible Treadmill


Sometimes running on a treadmill seems unavoidable.  Maybe the torrential rain outside is putting you off.  Or the road is too icy.  Or you're stuck in a hotel gym.   It seems impossible to run outside so you resign yourself to the monotony of the treadmill.  Running, running and not getting anywhere, looking at the same patch of wall and becoming increasingly tempted to hit that emergency stop button.

For those tough times when this is what you have to do, here are our top tips for enjoying a treadmill run.

1- Watch and run - If you are going to be be staying in the same spot for a long time, watching something silly and distracting on Netflix.  

2- Press all the buttons - Play around with the incline and speed to make things more challenging, exciting, and more similar to a real world outdoor run. 

3- A watched pot never boils - Don't obsess over the numbers and constantly watch your mileage or calorie count. This will make it feel like you are running five-ever.

4- It's not a competition.  But..... - Make it a competition! Even if your new competitor doesn't know it.  Why not keep things interesting and silently race the person running next to you?

5- Don't run on a treadmill - If you really don't want to run on a treadmill, then don't! Put on those runners (and a rain jacket if needed) and run outside.  Endure the elements, see something new and come home feeling energised, happy and refreshed.

While you're here... you might be interested to know that Run The World runs take place rain or shine! Keep your eyes on our upcoming runs and come along. 

Laura Cannon