Running Recos: How To Beat Jet Lag


You know the feeling. You’re tired, nauseous, and having difficulty concentrating. Yup, that’s jet lag.  And it's not just in your head.  It's real! So real that scientists have estimated that it usually takes one full day to recover for every hour of time difference. 

Our bodies are naturally programmed to do a number of things throughout a 24-hour period, such as eating and sleeping. These built-in routines are known as circadian rhythms, and when we fly they're thrown into chaos!

Nobody wants to ruin a trip away feeling exhausted at weird times, waking up starving and laying awake for hours and hours until the birds start singing.  So here are our top tips for beating timezone tiredness:

1- Take a vacay before your vacay - If you're someone with a rigid schedule at home, try to relax that schedule during the days before your flight. Having a rigid routine of eating and sleeping will make it harder to adjust to new time zones. If you're flexible about such arrangements, you'll start your trip abroad with a major advantage.

2- Say bye to the bar - Bad news... turns out that pre-flight bev does not help with jetlag. Tempting though it is to kick off your holiday with a pre-flight gin and tonic, the effects of alcohol at altitude will increase tiredness and cause dehydration, making it even harder to beat the inevitable lag.

3- Keep caffeine free - Caffeine heavy drinks like coffee will (obviously) inhibit your ability to sleep and therefore make it more difficult to recover from jetlag. Your body functions best when it's hydrated, so drink lots of water instead.

4- Search for sunshine - Get as much daylight as you can. Daylight makes you feel better. Unless you've been up all night. Which is never, ever a good idea before a long flight.

5- Run the world! - It is highly recommended that you do some form of exercise to boost your endorphins and stretch out the kinks which develop on long haul flights.  And what better way to do that than to see the place you are visiting at the same time. So pop on your trainers and get running! 

Any other top tips?  Let us know!