Last Minute Marathon Musts


It is well and truly marathon season.  We've seen the Run The World community take on those 26.2 miles all over the world.  So excited and proud! With our all time favourite race, the London Marathon, right around the corner, we thought now was the time to share some very last minute tips to calm those nerves before the big day.

1) Nothing New On Race Day

Don’t be tempted into trying something new on the day of the race. Eat the same breakfast you eat every day, run in the same socks you’ve always used, use the same gels that you rigorously tested out in your training, wear the same trainers you used for your long runs.  Stick to what you know!

2) What's The Weather?

Especially in London it could be boiling or freezing on the day, but if you are well prepared and dress accordingly this shouldn't be too much of an issue. If the sun is out, consider wearing a visored hat. Not only will it keep the UV rays off your head, it will also help wick away sweat from your eyes.

3) Say My Name

There is no better boost to your morale than hearing people shout your name as you run past. Whether you scribble it on with a permanent marker or get it done professionally, it’s going to make your marathon experience (and that of the crowd) extra exciting.

4) Trim Your Toes

Blisters and bruises can be avoided if you go for the ‘prevention rather than cure’ approach.  Find an emery board and file off those long toenails - especially the sharp pointy bits. You’ll find this might help avoid losing a toenail altogether.  And if you are prone to blisters on your training runs, consider pre-taping your feet and toes in the places that are blister hotspots. 

5) Don't Drink Too Much

Make sure you are  properly hydrated first thing in the morning, but stop drinking about half an hour before the start so you won't have to stop at the first set of loos!

6) The Early Bird Catches The Worm

Give yourself plenty of time to get to the race start. You'll need to give yourself time to use the porta-potty (lines can be very long), check your bag, and find your corral (if the race has them). 

7) Support Your Support

Being a marathon spectator is hard work, too, so make sure your family members and friends are prepared for a few hours of cheering and supporting.  Give them a rough idea of your start time and pace so they know when and where to expect you.


You’ve spent the best part of 6 months thinking about and training for this race. And now you are hopefully the fittest you’ve ever been. 

Are you running the London Marathon this weekend?  We can't wait to hear all about it! Feel free to share any last minute tips in the comments.

GOOD LUCK and we'll see you out there!